Computer Vision Solutions

AI Edge Sys Offers State-of-the-art Computer Vision Solutions

  • Enforce Security and Safety for Educational Institutions, Public Spaces & Workplaces.
  • Detect Flaws in assets, infrastructures, operations and products.
  • Preventive Maintenance & Anomaly Detection in Machines, Airplanes, Plants.
  • Quality Assurance via Product Defect Detection.
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Computer Vision

AI Edge Sys computer vision solutions use the latest AI technologies to continuously analyze data from camera feeds or drone footage to deliver a range of computer vision solutions for cities, infrastructures, smart manufacturing, production quality control, workplace safety, and physical threat and mass shooting situations.


AES Watch is an AI computer vision security solution which preemptively detects threats from video feeds, ensuring the safety and security of people and assets from violence and vandalism.

AES Watch continuously learns from video feeds to detect suspicious activities, vandalism, intruders, active shooter situations before life threatening or property damage incidents happen. This solution is applicable to any open access environment such as schools, colleges, malls, stores, bus and train stations, or offices, where CCTV cameras are monitoring the perimeters.

Smart City

AES Watch is an AI computer vision monitoring solution for cities to capture and assess key assets and detect anomalies.
AES Watch uses street level video feeds from drones or cars to make a visual inventory of and analyze assets and structures in a city or a campus, such as roads, parking, buildings, parks, signs, sidewalks, signages, traffic lights, etc. It can then detect proper, damaged or faulty components, recommend maintenance, detect improper repairs and maintenance work done, traffic congestions, and other anomalies.


AES Watch is an AI computer vision preventive maintenance solution which detects damage on roads, bridges, and infrastructures. Plan for maintenance and avert major failures!

AES Watch uses video feeds from drones to learn and detects visual faults and signs of damage or cracks on roads, bridges, tunnels, large infrastructures, or electricity grids before further degradation or catastrophic failure occurs.

Enhanced AI Solutions

Transform your operations with AI Edge Sys. Embrace innovation through our advanced algorithms and data-driven insights, designed to propel your business into the future. Dive into an era where decision-making is backed by AI, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and growth. Experience the new standard with AI Edge Sys.

Workplace Safety

AES Watch is an AI computer vision safety management solution which detects unsafe behavior and practices in a workplace, preempting accidents and damages before they occur.

AES Watch uses video feeds from CCTV or drones to prevent workplace accidents before they happen by detecting improper and unsafe practices, storage of material, or wear of safety equipment. The solution applies to any workplace, including construction sites, transportation industries, factories and manufacturing plants, and warehouse operations.

Quality Assurance

AES Watch is an AI computer vision solution that can be trained to spot defects and anomalies in any production line.
AES Watch uses picture and video feeds to learn and very efficiently detects production flaws in any industry and product. These can be dents, scratches, curvatures on surface, faulty chip and electronic boards, wrong food mixing, etc. Improve product quality management while freeing staff for more productive work.