Financial Anomaly

Create value and proactively mitigate financial risk by unleashing the power of AI anomaly detection on financial data and records

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Financial Anomaly Detector

AIFAD the AI Financial Anomaly Detector uses specialized AI algorithms to model the behavior of agents, transactions and processes in financial systems, and detect anomalies, errors, fraud, waste, manipulations and collusions.

The solution can be of interest to banks and financial institutions, public and private insurance entities, investors, financial and electricity market operators, credit agencies, treasury and accounting departments.

Advanced AI Behavior & Anomaly Modeling Ecosystem

  • AI Edge systems are industry, machine, system and operation agnostic. They are solely data driven, and consume clients side data to build and train custom AI models for their operations.
  • Our API friendly ecosystem offers a powerful data platform which automated the integration, formatting and processing of big data to deep data and intelligent features for AI processing.


Features of AIFAD the AI Financial Anomaly Detector

Features-Preventive Mentenece


Benefits of AIFAD the AI Financial Anomaly Detector

Insider trading & market manipulations

Pint point insider trading, collusion and market manipulation for energy and financial market operators and regulators.

Banking Fraud

Enable banks, financial institutions, exchange operators and corporate treasuries to detect insider fraud, theft and data manipulation. Uncover fraudulent payment solutions and credit card use.

Corporate Fraud

Identify fraudulent financial statements and tax filings, as decision making support for investors, financial, credit and bond market analysts, regulators and tax authorities.

Real-time Accounting & Audit

Transform accounting and financial auditing from quarterly to real-time processing by identifying erroneous data entries, improving accuracy, enforcing continuous accounts and transactions monitoring and optimizing financial planning.

Insurance Fraud

Identify erroneous or fraudulent insurance claims from both clients and service providers.

From Financial Big Data to Deep Data, We Accelerate Transition to Intelligent Digital Enterprise

Diagram_Data Hub-Diagram

Sys Edge Data Hub is a powerful datahub that can be configured to fetch, organize, structure and manage complex financial data types from multiple systems and in different formats. 

Financial anomaly detection needs a vast array of raw data from assortments of transaction, financial and treasury systems within multiple ecosystems. These data are not directly suitable for behavior and anomaly modeling. They have disparate timestamps, formats, and types. They are too large in size, lack indexing and structuring for feature extraction. They require processing and transformation to ensure efficient handling. Sys Edge Datahub is a flexible API friendly data platform specially designed to fetch, gather, format, structure, transform  and manage financial data.

AIFAD the AI Financial Anomaly Detector has built-in data processing & feature extracting toolboxes that apply a range of specialized mathematical transformations to quantify, enhance with contextualization and extract behavioral features from financial and transaction data suitable for AI anomaly detection.

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