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Leverage the value of your enterprise data through a journey from big to deep data to AI solutions

Harness the predictive power of artificial intelligence to transform your data into actionable insights and stay ahead of the curve.
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Advanced AI Behavior & Anomaly Modeling Ecosystem

  • AI Edge systems are industry, machine, system and operation agnostic. They are solely data driven, and consume clients side data to build and train custom AI models for their operations.
  • Our API friendly ecosystem offers a powerful data platform which automated the integration, formatting and processing of big data to deep data and intelligent features for AI processing.

From Big Enterprise to Deep Data, We Accelerate Transition to Intelligent Digital Enterprise

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Sys Edge Data Hub is a modern API and web- friendly data platform that creates, via simple configuration, robust and flexible data fetching, mapping and management processes alongside custom data models for inbound and outbound sales, marketing, production, supply chain, logistics and shipping data.

These data have disparate timestamps, formats, and types. They are too large in size, lack indexing and structuring for feature extraction an AI modeling. They are processed and transformed to ensure efficient and seamless access via API for AI modeling, deep analytics, reporting, and third party use.

AIBP the AI Business Predictor has built-in data processing & feature extracting toolboxes especially designed to apply a range of mathematical transformations to quantify and extract features from sales, events, operational and supply chain data as preparatory inputs for AI business predictive modeling.

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Sales Artificial Intelligence

AIBP the AI Business Predictor leverages clients digital footprints in your enterprise ecosystem to create data-driven synthetic AI models that maximize sales, optimize marketing and enhance customer management.

Artificial Intelligence Production Management

AIPP the AI Production Predictor leverages all production, supply chain, inventory, up-downstream and sales data across your enterprise to create data-driven synthetic AI models that predict peak load, enhance growth, increase productivity, forecast and minimize inefficiencies, waste, bottlenecks or gluts.

Artificial Intelligence Quality Management

AIPP the AI Production Predictor can be used analyze data readings from final products to detect defects. Identify product defects, minimize production waste and quality variation across production batches and series. The deep learning and machine learning models make extensive use of high-frequency sensors, SCADA, PLC and CMMS data.