Anomaly Detection

Create custom AI anomaly detection models for any business and organization

Minimize risk and losses, eliminate fraud, and optimize revenue and operational productivity. Accelerate your transition to an Intelligent Digital Enterprise.
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Data Driven Anomaly Detection

Harness the power of AI to detect operational anomalies and financial fraud in your services and operations such as sales, IT, telecommunications, manufacturing and industry 4.0, industrial IoT, online services, apps and games, or smart cities. These AI models rely on the vast amount of data generated by your operations.

Advanced AI Behavior & Anomaly Modeling Ecosystem

  • AI Edge systems are industry, machine, system and operation agnostic. They are solely data driven, and consume clients side data to build and train custom AI models for their operations.
  • Our API friendly ecosystem offers a powerful data platform which automated the integration, formatting and processing of big data to deep data and intelligent features for AI processing.

From Big Data to Deep Data, We Accelerate Transition to Intelligent Digital Enterprise

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Sys Edge Data Hub is a modern API and web- friendly data platform that creates, via simple configuration robust and flexible data fetching, mapping and management processes alongside custom data models for complex telemetry, events, operational and transactional data.

These data have disparate timestamps, formats, and types. They are too large in size, lack indexing and structuring for feature extraction an AI modeling. They are processed and transformed to ensure efficient and seamless access via API for AI modeling, deep analytics, reporting, and third party use.

AIAP the AI Anomaly Predictor has built-in data processing & feature extracting toolboxes especially designed to apply a range of mathematical transformations to quantify and extract features from an telemetry, events, operational and transaction data as preparatory inputs for AI anomaly detection modeling.

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Sample Solutions

Anomaly Detection in Traffic

Whether you operate a data center, cloud service, online service, telecommunication, smart city, smart train, e-commerce or brick-and-mortar business, users and processes operating within your digital ecosystem leave behind rich digital footprints spanning your operational and financial data and custom metrics. These data can be used to create AI models to answer vital questions:

Data Driven Anomaly Detection

Predict anomalies in smart technologies, IoT, industrial IoT, any sensor driven platforms and systems. Enhance their stability, resilience and optimize their maintenance and productivity. Minimize downtime, disruption, loss of revenue and maintenance costs.

Insider Fraud Detection in Online Services

Detect individual users or accounts exhibiting fraudulent behavior in using your online app or service. The AI creates behavioral profiles for individuals and groups of users based on all available telemetry data tracing their activities in your ecosystem. Anomalous behavior are detected at individual level and often via lateral shifts across multiple categories.