Data Driven AI Solutions

Create value by unleashing the power of AI across your operations

  • Accelerate your transition to an Intelligent digital enterprise.
  • Predict failure and potential issues before they occur. Maximize productivity.
  • Minimize downtime, disruption, loss of revenue and maintenance cost.
  • Proactively minimize risk and losses, eliminate fraud, and optimize revenue.
  • Enhance customer management, sales, marketing. 
  • Optimize and strengthen production and supply chain.
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AI Edge Sys delivers next generation cloud and on-site AI solutions for behavior prediction and anomaly detection. Our flexible ecosystem is applicable across a wide range of industries, detecting anomalies and anticipating issues before they occur.

Advanced AI Behavior & Anomaly Modeling Ecosystem

  • AI Edge systems are industry, machine, system and operation agnostic. They are solely data driven, and consume clients side data to build and train custom AI models for their operations.
  • Our API friendly ecosystem offers a powerful data platform which automated the integration, formatting and processing of big data to deep data and intelligent features for AI processing.

Enhanced AI Solutions

Transform your operations with AI Edge Sys. Embrace innovation through our advanced algorithms and data-driven insights, designed to propel your business into the future. Dive into an era where decision-making is backed by AI, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and growth. Experience the new standard with AI Edge Sys.

Data-Driven Anomaly Detection

Predict anomalies in smart technologies and sensor driven platforms. Enhance their stability, resilience, maintenance and productivity. Minimize downtime, disruption, loss of revenue & costs.

Preventive Maintenance

Use sensor data to predict machine and equipment failure. Enhance predictive maintenance planning and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). Minimize disruptions and cost.

Financial Anomaly Detection

Model the behavior of agents, transactions and processes in financial systems, and detect anomalies, errors, fraud, waste, manipulations and collusions. Minimize risk.

Business Solutions

Leverage the value of your enterprise data with key AI generated predictions and insights. Eliminate risk. Enhance customer relations, sales, marketing and supply chain.