Next Generation AI Predictive & Detection Solutions

  • Data-Driven AI Predictive Maintenance & Industrial Performance Optimization.
  • AI Detection Solutions for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, Smart Cities.
  • Financial Anomaly Detection, Fraud, Waste, Manipulation and Collusion.
  • Computer Vision Anomaly Detection: Safety, Security, Smart Cities, Quality Assurance.

AI Data-Driven Anomaly Detection Solutions
The Future Of Insightful Data Analytics

Financial Anomaly

Advanced AI solutions to detect fraud, waste, manipulation and collusions for insurance and financial industries as well as market operators such as electricity or financial.

Predictive Maintenance

AES Predictor employs AI models to forecast equipment failures using sensors data, minimizing disruptions, improving supply chain, and maintenance.

Sensors Anomaly

AES Predictor uses AI algorithms for anomaly detection with sensors data, aiding in problem identification, reduced disruptions, and maintenance planning.

Quality Management

AES Predictor uses AI solutions to spot production anomalies and defects using sensors data, reducing waste and ensuring batch consistency.

Advanced AI Computer Vision Solutions
The Future Of Machine Vision Technology


AES Watch continually learns from monitoring CCTV videos to detect threats like vandalism or intruders, ideal for places like schools, malls, airports, train and bus stations, offices, and secured locations.

Smart City

AES Watch visually inventories city assets like roads, buildings, and signs. It identifies damages, faulty repairs, and traffic anomalies.


AES Watch detects visual flaws in infrastructure like roads, bridges, and grids, preventing further damage or failures.

Preventive Maintenance

AES Watch identifies visual defects in equipment, aiding preventive maintenance. Used in plants, turbines, planes, and ships.

Workplace Safety

AES Watch detects workplace safety issues, preventing accidents. Ideal for construction, factories, and warehouses.

Quality Assurance

AES Watch identifies production flaws like dents, wrong mixes, ensuring improved quality while freeing staff.

Enhanced AI Solutions

Transform your operations with AI Edge Sys. Embrace innovation through our advanced algorithms and data-driven insights, designed to propel your business into the future. Dive into an era where decision-making is backed by AI, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and growth. Experience the new standard with AI Edge Sys.

Why Choose AI Edge Sys?

Cutting-Edge Solutions:

AI Edge Sys incorporates the future of insightful analysis, using advanced AI Computer Vision Technology and Data-Driven Anomaly Detection.

Operational Excellence:

We ensure the best out of your systems, maximizing uptime, quality, and productivity, and ensuring overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

Cloud AI Solutions:

AI Edge Sys brings next-generation AI, from preventive maintenance to managing quality throughout the production cycle.

Unmatched Compatibility:

AI Edge Sys offers adaptable solutions tailored to any industry or establishment size, ensuring efficiency in manufacturing, infrastructure, and more.

Data-Driven Excellence:

We believe in transforming big data into deep, actionable insights. AI Edge Sys prioritizes your data, crafting custom AI models suited for your unique requirements.

Seamless Integration:

AI Edge Sys effortlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, ensuring smooth transitions and optimizations, enhancing both ROI and operational flow.